Family Bible Conference

nwccEach year during June following the school year, we host a family conference at the Northwoods Conference Center about an hour north of Rhinelander at a resort type facility in the middle of a few thousand acres of a wilderness environment including miles of trails and many acres of streams and lakes. The conference runs from Tuesday afternoon to Saturday afternoon.

This year (2018) we will bring in two guest preachers for two group worship assembly times each evening in addition to offering prepared Bible study material geared to adults each afternoon around a selected theme.

Guests stay in a resort style central lodge with approximately 80 individual, hotel style rooms. Daily meals are provided.

The cost structure and setting is intended to offer a low cost “family vacation” in a desirable tourist area of the north central US.

  • Singles: $150
  • Couples: $300
  • Families: $300/couple + $50/child 4 & up ($400 max/family)
  • Under age 3: Free

Couples and families will have their own room(s). Singles will share a room with other singles.

Our goal is to provide a family-centered opportunity for saints to worship and discover more about our great God and Savior in a pristine, wilderness environment with surprising amenities to add comfort to your experience. There are many testimonies through the years of how God has worked in the lives of those who attend. We invite you to join us this year!

Contact us at to register or click here for additional information.