25 Year Conference Celebration

What a joy it is to be able to celebrate 25 years of hosting our church’s camp conference. We thought it good to reflect back on the history of what got us to this moment so many years ago.


As many of you know, for many years before the beginning of our camp setting, we hosted the conference at our church with our church members providing lodging for many of the folks who joined us. This took place for several years, but in the end it created a weariness to our wives which took away from their total enjoyment of the time together and left them rather exhausted.

One of the recreations we would do during these times would be a float/fishing trip down the Wisconsin River with canoes. The final year of hosting the conference we borrowed the canoes from Camp Algonquin. Upon returning the canoes to the camp, we were asked if we had ever considered having the conference at a camp and letting them be our host for the week. It was a novel idea that picked up steam as we considered the possibilities of the environment that it could provide us. We continued the conversation and settled on an open date at the camp and then put the invitations in motion trying to spread the word to as many churches as we could.

A Change in Scenery

The first camp took place in 1993 and was a huge success. It created exactly what we had hoped and allowed our church family a chance to relax and enjoy the experience without all of the work. This arrangement lasted for only a couple of years at this camp before they decided to change their format and became a venue for some state driven programs, which caused us to have to look elsewhere.

Calls were put out in trying to find a new location. We came across a girl’s camp above Eagle River that was quite excited at the chance to barter with us for the use of the camp. We then began working each spring at the camp to prep it for their summer schedule. It became a beautiful haven for our church camp conference for many years going forward. As time passed along, it became increasingly difficult to make firm plans with arrangements at the camp and so we were approached with one more venue change.

The Northwoods Conference Center in Watersmeet, MI is our current location for hosting the camp. After so many years of a more rustic, raw setting, we feel like we now have a luxury resort with fantastic accommodations.

Celebrate 25 Years

Why all the excitement to spread the word on this amazing milestone? We want all of our friends and family of the past 25 years to come and join us in the celebration of God’s faithfulness for so many years. With thankful hearts we reminisce over the souls saved at the conference, Christian couples introduced which led to marriage, baptisms, ministering pastors from North America to England, and a host of new friends cultivated through the experience. It all leaves us with a big smile!

So, we request your presence for this year’s upcoming conference which will be held June 12-16. Our speakers by popular vote will be Mark Webb and Kyle White. Mark your calendars and plan to join us! Visit our main conference page for pricing, lodging, and sign up information.